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Hound House is proud to be a fully regulated centre with NARCH (national association of registered canine hydrotherapists). Your swim appointments with us will always be lead by a fully registered and qualified hydrotherapist.


We offer a large bespoke canine hydrotherapy pool measuring 7.5 metres x 3 metres width. Our pool encompasses two anti swim jets to provide resistance which when utilised makes our patients swim harder against a current. This is great for conditioning for athletes and canines who particularly need to build extra strength.


We have two underwater cameras which allow us to take extensive footage be it for live feed or recording to share with the multi-disciplinary veterinary care team.


Our premises have been designed with our clients in mind and are well equipped to cater for reactive and fearful dogs. This ensures accessibility, safety and an enjoyable experience for all our visitors. We have air conditioning throughout to maintain a comfortable controlled environment. 

Hydrotherapy can be adopted to;

• Decrease pain
• Increase sensory perception
• Relax muscle tension or spasm
• Reduce oedema (swelling)
• Increase joint range of movement
• Increase muscle bulk, strength and tone
• Improve muscle patterning and recruitment - extremely important for spinal injury dogs learning to walk again
• Prevent secondary complications as a result of limb disuse, muscle contracture, gait abnormalities
• Help earlier return to normal life or work - important for assistance or police dogs
• Slow the progression of the effects of degenerative disease - including osteoarthritis and degenerative myelopathy
• Improve quality of life - especially for older or disabled dogs

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