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At the Vet

Pets, working dogs and canine athletes can benefit from physiotherapy by reducing joint and muscle pain, maintaining or improving performance and reducing risk of injury. Physiotherapy in conjunction with hydrotherapy can offer a fully encompassing treatment plan that conservatively manages symptoms or is complementary to veterinary medicine. At Hound House Hydro we offer clinics in our consultation room with a fully qualified veterinary physiotherapist. Equally we can just offer hydrotherpay in conjunction with your chosen complementray therapist

Signs/ Situations where your dog may need physiotherapy/ hydrotherapy:


  • Finding difficulty in getting up or lying down

  • Finding normal movement painful

  • Having difficulty managing the stairs

  • Having difficulty jumping in or out of the car

  • Is reluctant to play or go for a walk

  • Walking more stiffly

  • Seems to be lame or limping

  • Has had surgery after an injury or accident

  • Change in normal grooming habits and posture

  • Is sensitive to being touched or patted

  • Seems to be more withdrawn and not as active as normal

  • Temperament has changed

  • Less tolerant of contact with people and other animals


Conditions that may benefit from or need physiotherapy/ hydrotherapy:

  • Spinal conditions such as disc disease

  • Lameness problems – at all ages, including those in overweight dogs

  • Joint problems including degenerative joint disease and arthritis

  • Soft tissue injury, ie to ligaments, tendons and muscles

  • Bone fractures

  • Neurological conditions such as nerve trauma and spinal cord trauma or disease

  • Sports injuries and performance-related difficulties in athletic or working dogs

  • Difficulty coping with certain movements such as getting up and down from lying or sitting, going up and down stairs, and reluctance to play or exercise, which can lead to weight and fitness problems

Hydrotherapy and Physiotherapy can also be used:

  • Before and after surgery to help the rehabilitation process

  • As a preventative measure to minimise the risk of a problem recurring

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